Beer Gurus

Our instructors

We are a small group of homebrewers with great passion for beer. Personally, we have gotten a little tired of drinking the boring beers in this city – that is why we decided to open this small store, hoping to see more people brew and to share our love for beer.

Christopher Wong

  • Head Brewer, General Manager, Beer Dumpster….wearing a number of hats in numberous beer places in Hong Kong
  • BJCP National Beer Judge, BJCP Exam Proctor, Certified Cicerone

Pillar of the craft beer industry in Hong Kong

Belle Leung

  • Known to be the super taster, springing out tasting notes in speed
  • BJCP National Beer Judge, BJCP Exam Proctor, WSET diploma, Italian Wine Scholar etc..

People call her Ball-jeh – she only likes drinking funky stuff, from bretty sour beer to heavily barrel aged imperial stouts.


  • Carbon Brews Brewer Dias aka. the Hulk is from Kazakhstan
  • He studied beverage biotechnology in university, and he worked in breweries in France, Kazakhstan, and Hong Kong after his graduation. 
  • He thinks craft beer is an excellent combination of science and art. Working at Carbon Brews, Dias keeps wondering how far they can go as they constantly push boundaries.


Kenneth Tsang

  • Experienced marketer in local brewery, you can find him in many many beer events
  • BJCP Certified Judge, Cicerone Beer Server

He brews great beers himself winning awards in local homebrew competitions, and judged in different beer competitions in Asia

Freeman Ho

  • A whiskey specialist, exhibitor and educator, and an explorer in the alcoholic space
  • BJCP recognized beer judge

A mixed fermentation sour ale & IPA lover, he also loves badminton and bouldering, so ask him anything really.