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There are many reasons why you might want to start a bookkeeping business. Perhaps you’ve worked as an in-house bookkeeper for a business and you’re ready to take the plunge and set up for yourself. The problem I have with these names is that the county I live in is a large area and I want to support local businesses.

P.S. I’ve gone for a traditional sounding practice name to fit in with the traditional accountants image that I’m looking to portray to clients . Nothing against other approaches but I’ve found that a good many clients just want accountants who look and sound and act as they believe that accountants should. Good luck with finding bookkeeping business names and choosing the right one. I run my own bookkeeping business and when thinking of a name I wanted something that was personal to me.

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If you want to stand out from the crowd, choose one with a clever pun or play on words. When filing for registration at Companies House, however, it’s a good idea to get a professional’s opinion so you don’t run into any problems you don’t need to. Browse our other software and services which help keep accountancy practices on top of their day to day tasks. Find cloud software to help you work remotely, iXBRL tagging, booking software and more. Getting clients is not too hard as you have already seen.

  • You will likely have a lot of responsibilities and all of your work needs to be done perfectly.
  • All have their pros and cons, and it may be that you use different models for different clients.
  • Find some of our most popular software and services below or use the menu to find exactly what you need.
  • To increase your likelihood of gaining custom, you should target businesses that need to outsource their bookkeeping.
  • You may even negotiate a retainer fee with some of your clients.
  • Ready to take the first steps to start your own bookkeeping business?

These annual profit and loss accounts will be based on the records of transactions kept by the bookkeeper through the year. In the event of a dispute with HMRC over the correctness of the annual return, you may have to have your account books and proofs of transactions ready for inspection. Complying with the Companies Act is a legal requirement for all bookkeepers and accountants in the UK. You must ensure that the businesses you work with keep adequate accounting and financial records, including money received, money spent and any assets.

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Keeping you and your practice compliant across all of your AML obligations, from UK and international ID checks to HR screening. Don’t let a larger workforce bring your Human Resources team to a standstill. Our HR software can help your HR team thrive no matter how big your business grows. IRIS Looked After Call – An innovative MIS for virtual schools in local authorities to safeguard looked after children.

  • Read on to find out when your business can claim food and drink as an expense.
  • 14 February 2023 – A new study has shown that small businesses with funny business names attract more customers and make more sales.
  • By the time you speak to them, you’ll know they want what you sell.
  • Swear words, sectarian words, and discriminatory language are unlikely choices for most business owners.

If this is the image you want to put across, names like “ Solutions” or “The Group” are your friend. In the same way that Disney coined the phrase Imagineers, you can combine two words to more accurately describe your straddling of two professions.Web designer who also does some Consultancy? To make this often-fraught process just a little easier, here are some simple, quick methods for coming up with a company name. Organic brand searches bring in between 10% and 50% of traffic for the average company website.

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To be successful, you need a viable business idea, bags of drive and sufficient funds. Read these popular posts for some unique ideas and guidance from our creative experts. Check out ourQuirky Name boardwith a compilation of the most eccentric entries to inspire your new company start-up. We always recommend speaking to an accountant for a more in-depth analysis of your circumstances. ‍Ask your friends and family what they think of the name. You could make a survey and gauge opinion on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • If you are going to the market on social media, make your profile focused only on bookkeeping tips and information related to it.
  • Marketing and advertising are essential ways to attract clients and grow your business, particularly in your business’s first year or when you are looking to grow your business.
  • If you run your business remotely, you will need to ensure your Wi-Fi is reliable and high speed.
  • This is a great advantage for people who may want to travel or don’t yet know where they want to base themselves.
  • Many small businesses believe that the big brands won’t find out or won’t care.
  • Research, choose and register the right form of business to avoid unintended risks.
  • VAT rates on goods and services purchased and sold in the UK are currently 20% except for certain classes of goods that are zero-rated or rated at 5%.

On the other hand, a large business with a rented office can carry the startup cost of closer to $50,000 $100,000. This makes the bookkeeping business a very high on-demand business. Including what your business does as part of your name may help your potential customers understand construction bookkeeping what you do without you needing to take the time to explain it to them. By the time you speak to them, you’ll know they want what you sell. If you pick a business name that people are likely to search for, your business name might come up in the search results.

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The information may also be used when the business is preparing its quarterly and annual reports. If not, you must pay a massive penalty to the tax authorities for not registering your business that generates revenue. Same-day registration is an option, but it costs£100and requires applying by 3 pm to process the same application day; otherwise, there will be a delay. If two companies have a word-for-word similar name, you might have to do a bit of work to decide where or how your company will be unique.

bookkeeping business names

Some types of spyware can even detect your passwords and gain access to financial information. Ensure all your devices have anti-spyware software to protect your business and your clients. Insurance costs typically start at £10 per month but can rise, depending on the coverage you choose and your insurance provider.

You could open new worksheets in the same spreadsheet, which will give you quick access to previous years. Become a member of an established bookkeepers association. Advertise that fact on your stationery, website and advertising.