The People and Culture of Ukraine

Ukraine is an Eastern European country that has an extensive tradition of linguistic and cultural heritage. A large portion of the population is somewhat bilingual, speaking Ukrainian as well as Russian.

Ukraine was declared independent in 1991, has been trying to establish itself as an independent country, while keeping tight ties to Western institutions, such as the European Union or NATO. However, internal conflicts make it more difficult.

The Orange Revolution, a popular uprising in 2011, swept the president Viktor Yanukovych from office and started a wave of demonstrations against the government. The transition to democracy led to the election of Victory Yushchenko.

Ukrainians are an ethnically diverse group who come from various religious and ethnic background. They are mostly Orthodox Christians, but there are Roman Rite Catholics, Protestants, Jews as well as Muslims.

The cuisine of the country is based on vegetables and grains. are a staple in Ukrainian cooking. Because Ukraine has one of the most fertile soils on earth and is in a position to grow a wide range of crops.

A Ukrainian pierogi is an extremely popular food item. It can be cooked or fried, using eggs, potatoes and flour filling. They are filled with different ingredients such as a cheese and sour cream mix, or minced beef.

Holubtsi are crunchy cabbage rolls which can be filled with pork, beef or vegetable fillings and can be prepared in a range of different ways. They are served as a snack or a main course and usually eaten alongside stews, soups, or sauces.